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  • African Brown & White with Turquoise

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    A few years ago I bought several strands of African beads from the the traveling bead and button man.  The big brown and white beads are made of wood and ceramic. I have used them in several necklaces of similar design. In this particular design those beads are flanked with ostrich egg shell beads, sterling silver and seashell beads.  The necklace tapers down with yet another smaller brown and white African bead, then some donut shaped turquoise beads, and finishes in a striped pattern of alternating white African beads and heishi shaped sea shell beads.  The closure is an adjustable silver toggle clasp. 

    The necklace measures from 17 to approximately 20 inches.

    "Style--all who have it share one thing: originality"
    Diana Vreeland